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The Journal of Insurance Issues, the official journal of the Western Risk and Insurance Association, is co-sponsored by the Southern Risk and Insurance Association. From 1979 through 1984 the Journal was published as the Journal of Insurance Issues and Practices.

The entire set of volumes of the Journal of Insurance Issues (JII) is carried in JSTOR; Proquest covers the materials from 1999 to the present. Links to papers on the JII website are also available through the Ideas/RePc, EcoPapers, and EconLit websites.

The JII is committed to publishing rigorous theoretical and empirical research articles that address relevant and timeless topics in the field of risk and insurance broadly defined. The main criterion for which all manuscripts are judged is their impact on the risk management and insurance field as a whole. All manuscripts, including the empirical manuscripts, need to test, extend, or develop new theory; and the article should describe the relevance of the presented theory for public policy or practitioners. The five-year acceptance rate for the JII is 14.9 percent, the five-year impact factor is 2.18.

Forthcoming articles

Carson, James M., Cassandra R. Cole & Stephen G. Fier (2016) “Name Changes and Future Growth: Evidence from the Life Insurance industry” 39(1) pdf
Gao, Yang, Linda Nozick, Jamie Kruse & Rachel Davidson (2016) “Modelling Competition in a Market for Natural Catastrophe Insurance" 39(1) pdf

Werner, Katarzyna (2016) “Insurance Demand and Heterogeneity in Risk Perception" 39(1) pdf
Hu, Bin & Ross McKitrick (2016) “Climatic variations and the Market Value of Insurance Firms' 39(1) pdf

Choudhurry, Askar, James Jones,  Adolph Okine & Raquiba (Lena) Choudhurry "Drought-Triggered Index Insurance Using Cluster Analysis of Rainfall Affected by Climate Change"

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