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The Journal of Insurance Issues (JII) is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal published bi-annually. The JII is committed to publishing rigorous theoretical and empirical research articles that address relevant and timeless topics in the field of risk and insurance broadly defined. The main criterion for which all manuscripts are judged is their impact on the risk management and insurance field as a whole. All manuscripts, including the empirical manuscripts, need to test, extend or develop new theory; and the presented theory has to be relevant for public policy or practitioners. The JII encourages new perspectives and is open to all rigorous research methods including, but not limited to, laboratory experiments, simulations, quantitative and qualitative empirical studies, and mathematical proofs.

Submission Guidelines


Authors should submit their manuscript directly to the Managing Editor,  A summary of the format requirements follows:

  1. The manuscript should be in MS Word (preferred) file attachment to the email.
  2. The manuscript should include the title, abstract, and up to three key words; e.g., cycles, reinsurance, regulation.
  3. Footnotes should appear in numerical order on the same page of the associated text.
  4. References and in-text citations relies on the APA style for references and in-text citations [for examples, see the JII or APA website ( and].
  5. All tables, graphs, charts, formulae, and equations should be placed in the body of the manuscript.
  6. Do not use color in the manuscript.

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